4 Non-Angsty Ways To Wear ‘90s Grunge

Photographed by Mark Iantosca.
9-5Teen-spirit tartans at work? It’s totally HR-approved when those plaids come in a prim, peplum shape and are worn with an Angela Chase-worthy black floral skirt.
date-nightThe ‘90s weren’t all destroyed flannels — we loved our turtlenecks pretty hard, too. Bonus points for pulling the sleeves down over your hands à la Jordan Catalano and for toughening up a slip dress with lug-soled stompers.
weekend-warriorIt’s the first day of school, 1993, and what did you want to be wearing? Definitely this cool-kid crop-top, high-waisted jeans, and a luxe leather backpack that puts our Jansports to shame.
after-hoursRemember that velvet babydoll dress you used to wear to the Superchunk shows? These days, it’s evolved to an Old Hollywood-level glam — so top it with your olive-drab jacket, just to prove you’d still mosh at the drop of a hat.
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Illustrated by Katelyn Kappel.