You Can Have Fuller Brows, Naturally

A few celebrities tend to get all the credit for the return of full brows. You know who we're talking about: Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins, Brooke Shields. But the fact of the matter is, beauty trends are cyclical. Simply click through this enlightening look at the history of the arch for proof.
While the comings and goings of various eyebrow shapes and sizes make for a mesmerizing slideshow, they're also a total drag for anyone who caught the tail end of the last fad (read: over-tweezed), only to wake up one day just as the Delevingnes of the world are ushering in the new, fuller look du jour. Where, you might ask, were they when we were all in our bathrooms with magnifying mirrors and sets of sharp tweezers?! Yes, as many of us learned a bit too late, over-tweezing is hard to undo.
Take heart. Having plucked your brows into near oblivion does not mean you can't beef them up. After all, this is 2016, people! The time of celebrity brow artists, specially formulated serums, and enough pro products to make the grow-in process a little less challenging — all of which you can read about ahead.
Who's ready for brow rehab?

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