What Our Favorite Images Look Like...Without Gluten

These days, it seems people go around cutting gluten out of their diets right and left, but centuries back, gluten was everywhere. Could you imagine if everything was gluten-free from the start? What would our art look like?

Well, now we know. A new Tumblr, cheekily titled "Gluten Free Museum," rounds up everything from famous paintings to beloved cartoons, and digitally removes all traces of gluten. Johannes Vermeer's Milkmaid loses her bread, Lady and Tramp stare lovingly down onto a table of nothingness, and even The Simpsons' Chief Wiggum gets his doughnut taken away. 

Whether you're on board with the gluten-free fad or not, let's face it — art would not be the same without all the fields of grain. Check out a few of the most radical changes below.


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