Oprah Tours Gloria Steinem’s Home—& You’ll Never Guess How Much It Cost

Has the world ever seen such a kick-ass power pairing? The venerable TV host and the heroine of the contemporary women's movement joined forces for a recent segment of Oprah's Next Chapter, and the result was nothing short of heartwarming.
Steinem led Winfrey on a touching and personal tour of her NYC abode, providing a narrative about the path she took to finally finding her own empowerment. The most interesting tidbit? At minute mark 1:07, she divulges that for years (up until just recently) she lived out of cardboard boxes in her own home, weary of seriously settling down. Why? Because she had been raised to believe that without that ever-important husband and children, you couldn't really build a home.
We're so charmed by the idea that a woman who has encouraged so many of us to find independence and empowerment in our own lives, no matter what they look like, would have her own struggles in overcoming those kinds of gender-normative ideas.
We're also charmed by the home itself. The eclectic — or, as Oprah describes it, "bohemian chic" — pad has certainly come a long way since Steinem first moved in, shacked up in a loft bed, sharing the space with four other roommates.
While Gloria Steinem's laundry list of contributions to the feminist movement can't be touched, we have to give props to her impressive real estate savvy, too. She scored her sprawling (and not just by NYC standards!) digs for a mere $160,000. Yes, you read that correctly — she paid practically pennies for her now million (or multi-million) dollar home. Check out the video below to draw some serious life inspiration — and some serious apartment envy. (The Hairpin)