This New Book Tells You How To Be A Man

Glenn O'Brien, GQ's own "The Style Guy" has served-up some handy advice for inquisitive men before, shining a light on when the optimal time to shave is, and how not to look like a sloppy co-ed when sporting casual gear. Consider this your rite of passage, fellas, because the guru has compiled a book that answers an age-old question readily presented in its title,
How To Be a Man
. The witty and sartorially-inclined Glenn O'Brien covers all the bases, from tailoring to fine art, women to dining, and many words of wisdom in between. If nothing else, the NYC-based writer can teach the boys a little style and substance, beginning with ditching the flip flops and fanny packs (but we're seriously hoping you knew that already). The newly-released book, How To Be a Man: A Guide To Style and Behavior For The Modern Gentleman, is available on Amazon, and also includes illustrations by iconic fashion illustrator, Jean-Philippe Delhomme. O'Brien's advice may just separate the boys from the men, and probably earn a resounding "Thank you!" from the ladies, as well.