Gjelina Take Away Displays Questionable Decor And Has Unquestionably Drunk Guest

Although it's only been open a few weeks, Gjelina Take Away is already just as hot as its parent restaurant, except you don't have to wait six weeks to eat there. Featuring fresh, carefully prepared sweets, soups, sandwiches, and more, this go-to spot is a Venice favorite for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's not, however, without its share of problems—and we're not just talking about the rigid no-substitutions policy. According to Grub Street Los Angeles, it seems like the outdoor decor courtesy of FAILE art collective isn't for everyone. But more amusing, and, well, sadder than issues of taste, it looks like Gjelina had an unwanted, wasted visitor who parked his car on the curb (possibly confusing "take away" for "drive through"), and somehow started to shimmy out of his pants after the police came and cuffed him. While we're a little impressed (and curious) about this Houdini act, how do you feel about the eatery's street-art display? Does it whet your appetite or is it just edgy overkill?