Bookmark This: A New Blog That Dishes Out Major Girl Power

It seems that everywhere you look these days, there's another website cataloging fashion folk's closets, snapping their shoe collections, or touring their kitchen. (We know — we do all that — but, c'mon, we're the O.G.s!). So, when a longtime R29 friend, Jennifer Steele, clued us in to her new blog, GIRLS I KNOW, we weren't sure whether to expect an iteration of The Formula, The Coveteur, et al, or something completely fresh. Thankfully, the site falls into the latter category (not that we doubted you, Jen!), profiling "inspiring and dynamic women."
Steel cites her childhood in Wisconsin, where she says she was "always curious about the smart, creative woman seeking a career, fulfillment, adventure," as where it all began. While she browsed the fashion glossies, she never felt that the editorials dug deeper than what the subjects were wearing.
So, it makes sense that GIRLS I KNOW goes beyond the superficial, with grainy pics and accompanying Q&As of some of the women Steele has met since moving to the Big Apple. She provides cool context of how she knows each lovely lady and asks things like, "When was or tell me about the last time you felt shy?" or "What does mentorship mean to you?" It all makes for a fascinating read, so get lost for 30 minutes and get to, well, know the girls of Girls. Oh, and look out for our very own editor-in-chief, Christene Barberich!

Photo: Courtesy of GIRLS I KNOW