The Best Gifts For College Students (When You Can’t Cancel Their Student Loans)

We're pretty sure that if the college students in your life were to give a completely honest answer to what they want for the holidays, their answers would be: pay off my student loans, give me a job after graduation, pay for me to travel the world for a year. We're also pretty sure that very few of you reading this are able to provide such things. Even so, you probably won't disappoint with a lesser, but still well-thought-out gift for those friends, siblings, and cousins who are working their way through finals as we speak.
The thing is, we know college students are a very diverse bunch. If we were to put any other group into one category — say, "people in their 30s" — it would sound a bit ridiculous to pick out a handful of gifts that would please them all. But we know some basic things that most people in college have in common. (This also goes for people in their late teens and early 20s who are not currently earning a post-secondary school degree.) They live in dorms or cramped, cheap apartment shared with others. They're just figuring out how to be adults (though aren't we all?). And even if they're having the time of their lives, they could always use a few extra comforts for when they've got to hunker down and study.
With those needs in mind, we made sure the following options were a little bit practical, but also super fun, both to give and to receive.