10 "Treat Yourself" Buys That Helped Me Get Through Breakups

Photographed By Rockie Nolan.
Breakups are miserable. Lately (and inexplicably, in my opinion), "breakup photo shoots" have become a thing. Perhaps I'm not as emotionally evolved as the type who can pose for photos and "consciously uncouple," but my breakup photoshoot would look like this: me, cry-vomiting on my bathroom floor while my cats hover over me to check if I'm alive. No, thank you (but kudos to those who can handle it).
In all my years of breaking up, the thing that works best for me is a little post-split shopping. I'm not talking about anything exorbitantly expensive — just a few "treat myself" items, like used books or new underwear. Of course, there are healthy ways to get over a breakup that don't involve spending money, such as journaling and trying to see your former partner's side of things so that you learn something from the experience. But, as someone who has embraced my love for retail therapy, sometimes I just want to buy some shit.
Before I go on, let me address one thing: Going through a breakup, regardless of how painful it is, is a luxury problem. And shopping to cope with a breakup is definitely an example of financial privilege — an estimated 12 million households in America can't afford healthy groceries, just to put that into perspective. So I know I'm very, very fortunate to be able to spend a few extra dollars on some relatively cheap items for the sole purpose of cheering myself up, and I'm grateful for that. (Which reminds me: In my experience, practicing gratitude has also proven to be a great way to get over breakups.)
Ahead, 10 items I've bought after a breakup that helped put me on track to move on.

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