Just As We Were Starting To Waver, George Clooney Wins Us Over With Activism

The last man we ever thought we'd see in cuffs is George Clooney. The Oscar-nominated actor was arrested this morning in D.C., outside of the Sudanese Embassy, for protesting against their government's blocking humanitarian aid from reaching their suffering people.
Clooney spoke passionately on the steps outside of the embassy building before being arrested (alongside his dad) for civil disobedience, and was taken away to the slammer.
George has always had a big heart for noble causes, and we're proud to see him devoting himself to take a stand on behalf of the people of Sudan. We doubt he'll do any hard time for the misdemeanor offense (basically, police arrested him and some other very high-profile protesters like Martin Luther King III and Rep. Jim Moran of VA, when they opted not to evacuate the steps outside of the embassy). And, not to downplay the very serious nature of the subject, but we secretly (don't judge) can't wait to see that sexy, scruffy mug shot. (People)

Photo: Via People