Gavin Rossdale Experimented With A Cross-Dressing Male Pop Star


Just this morning we swear we were listening to Love Remains The Same, Gavin Rossdale's under-appreciated '08 ballad. So we consider it pretty appropriate that the insanely good-looking singer just revealed the, erm details, of his tryst with crossing-dressing, failed pop star Marilyn to


in their November '10 issue. Boy George first claimed that Gwen Stefani's baby daddy had been romantically involved with Marilyn in '95, who backed up the assertion last year. Now, Rossdale is finally coming clean, confessing that "When you're 17, Jesus Christ. I don't think there's anything strange about any form of—you're learning about life. It's a part of growing up. That's it. No more, no less." But lest you dudes think you've got a chance, Rossdale isn't up for any side-projects, admitting it was just a one-time experiment: "You have to what you like, and I know what I like." And, after the former Bush frontman being so cooly candid, we know what we like—even more.