Gap’s NYC 1969 Store Is Open Today

The Soho Gap is exactly a five minute walk from our office (trust us, we've timed it), so we've been annoyed as of late that its been closed for construction. Well, the Gap is back, and better than ever! And you best believe it's not your mom's Gap—instead the new Soho space is home to the brand's first NYC 1969 store, begging then question, "What took so long?" Indeed, the space will satisfy even the most hard-core denim addict's fix, with lots of extras that takes shopping to another level. Keep on the lookout for the iPad work table, where you can work on interactively outfitting and tricking out your denim, Jean Experts (employees very, very knowledgeable in all things jean related) galore, plus a monster denim wall that's stocked with super exclusive European and Japanese styles. BRB, we need a 15 minute break.
513 Broadway (between Spring and Broome streets); 212-431-2686.