Frugal Fun: 12 Cheap-Chic Goods For a Bear Market

As Wall Street continues to spiral despite this morning's upward bump, even the more fortunate of us may soon be diving to the bottoms of our totes and pockets for spare nickles and dimes (remember those?). So rifle through the couch, check under the refrigerator, and take your change down to the nearest Coinstar, because we have a handy little catalog of recession depression beating items to keep you stylin' and solvent even if the country is in the red.
Above, clockwise from top left:
This Think Twice wallet isn't mocking you…it's trying to help you. "Think Twice" Wallet, $25 at Etsy.
Sure, this piggy bank is a cruel reminder that you're broke, but at least his shiny skin will remind you of more golden times. Harry Allen Pig Bank, $99 at Generate Design.
Perhaps some bankers won't find these Bank of Hell stock certificates funny today. But hey, at least they're still worth something. Bank of Hell Stock Certificates, $8.40 at Kiosk.
With this wind-up radio, you'll be the top DJ in shanty town. Eton FR300 Emergency Crank Radio, $49.99 at Amazon.
American Apparel is good for the economy in that it doesn't outscource to overseas sweatshops and, well, it's darn cheap. To make those t-shirts and leggings even darn cheaper, we found, a site that offers a hefty discount on Dov Charney's already recession-friendly goods.
With college prices skyrocketing and stocks bottoming out, who can afford higher education? This game should teach you all you need to get. Med School or Law School in a Box, $14.95 at Urban Outfitters.
Above, clockwise from upper left:
We have a feeling that despite the economic turmoil, Beatrice will still be serving $12 watered down cocktails. To survive the crisis, you might need a swing from this nifty mallard flask to get your buzz going. Embroidered Leather Mallard Flask, $69.99 at Orvis.
Maybe the dollar is sinking straight to the bottom—all the more reason to indulge in some black humor on the way down. Save them pennies, you'll need 'em. Sinking Titanic bank $120 at Uncommon Goods.
It's important to look good on the bread lines. You'll get lots of mileage out of these chunky heels. Seychelles Motley Heel, $88 at Urban Outfitters.
Who needs a Birkin when you're headed to a job interview? Grab one of these and spend your cash on other luxuries, you know, like food. Folio Briefcase Bag, $58 at Urban Outfitters.
In case you needed to state the obvious, this I Love Money shirt should do the trick. We kinda wish it said "I Need Money", though. We Love Money Tee, $63 at Money Store.
Since you probably don't have the extra cash laying around to take that vacation you've been planning, this antique globe will be a reminder that there's always next year. Forester Globe, $49.99 at Target.
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