The Cure For Frizzy Hair Now Available At Rita Hazan

You've probably figured this one out for yourself by now, but winter is not great for your hair. Sure we've been having quite the mild one, what with 60 degree days in February, but the combination of temperature fluctuations, dry indoor heat, and biting winds can lead to one big follicular mess, which usually takes the shape of frizzy, frazzled locks. We've seen our fair share of treatments that promise to smooth and sleekify our straw manes, but most of them take a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn't always work on finer hair types.
Rita Hazan has the solution with the new Milbon Linkage Meu, a three-step, professional smoothing system that's tailored to your hair type. Each level — fine, normal-coarse, and coarse — features a different type of natural oil to smooth your mane and address your hair's unique issues. Our fine haired tester saw silkier strands and a noticeable reductions in tangles. Once your treatment is finished, you're given a complimentary take-home kit of four ampoules, to be used weekly to refresh your hair and keep frizzies at bay. One downside: The $75 cost doesn't include a blow-out, so if you want your hair styled afterwards, you're going to need to shell out extra cash.
Where: Rita Hazan New York, 720 Fifth Ave, 11th floor, 212-586-4343

Photo: Courtesy of Milbon

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