These Beauty Collaborations Show The Power Of Friendship

Photo: Stephane Cardinale/Corbis/Getty Images
Whether you're finishing college or building a multimillion dollar company, there's nothing quite as powerful as the support system that good friends provide. And while you can celebrate those unwavering friendships with an Edible Arrangement, friendship bracelet, or maybe even a $12,000 bicycle (if you're Courteney Cox), a few beauty entrepreneurs are showing us that the best way to show your BFF love is by putting your brains together to release a collaboration. Because what better way to show you appreciate your bestie than with a lipstick named after them? (Although personally, I would've been good with the Edible Arrangement.)
Ahead, we've rounded up the famous duos that have recently dropped beauty collaborations in celebration of their friendship. Be warned, you'll want to stash a few extra bucks for your best friend's next birthday gift after scrolling through this.

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