The Craziest, Most Expensive Gifts Celebrities Have Ever Received

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/REX/Shutterstock
I pity the person stuck with getting a gift for a celebrity. Not only are you buying a present for someone who has pretty much everything they'd ever need, but you're also forced to compete with what other stars have given your famous friend.
The bar is set high for a reason. When it comes to gift-giving, some celebs go hard. Buying a luxury vehicle for a friend may force the average person into debt (or robbing a bank), but for plenty of stars, doing so is as obvious as getting your office secret Santa a Starbucks gift card. Really, who needs that extra $100,000 laying around, anyway?
Of course, there are lavish gifts, and then there are presents that are downright bonkers. Plenty of stars have spent major money on gifts so strange it's hard to see why they were so eager to drop the cash in the first place.
Truthfully, it's damn near impossible to understand the lives of the rich and famous. Instead, let's marvel at the gifts that they give and receive, knowing full well that all our friends and family will end up with gift cards.

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