5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 21 2012

Not just for yuppie parents anymore, see where Park Slope ranked on the "50 Best Brooklyn Blocks" list!
(F'd In Park Slope)

Yes, we're big believers of events for a cause, so how can we pass up the musical stylings of legendary pianist Dr. Hai-Kyung Suh at Lincoln Center? She's donating all proceeds to great causes like breast cancer health! (Lincoln Center)
Mmm…ceviche. We know you want it and crave it, as it's on almost every NYC menu. So what if you are taught to make it -- In Mexico! Exotic beachfront retreat Casa Sandra is offering one-of-a-kind packages that teaches you the art of this fish dish. A great excuse to leave the concrete jungle for a while. (Casa Sandra)
On the subject of food, artist Alison Knowles is commemorating Earth Day making a giant salad and tossing it right on the Highline. Here's your chance to take a bite out of art - literally. (Animal NY)
First, Uniqlo started popping up all over the city, and now they've added free jazz to the mix! Starting Thursday, Uniqlo is kicking off their live in store music series to launch their Concord Music Group T-Shirt Collection! (Uniqlo)

Photo: Via F'd In Park Slope