Is This The Sexiest L Train Ride Ever? (The Answer’s Yes)

It's just another ride on the L train. Well, not really. Dazed & Confused is at it again with their awesomely jaw-dropping editorials. This time, urban, grimy, NYC public transportation is the backdrop, and model Frankie Rayder is the star. Shot by photographer Theo Wenner (AKA Mr. Liv Tyler—the two have been dating for a year), these pics show that, yes, there can be glamour on the L train.
Mixing sportswear with sparkle and towering heels, these outfits look like something we would wear on the way to the gym — and then decided we look way too good to get all sweaty. We think these snaps are so New York, but beanies with netting may not be everyone's bag. Check out the whole spread here and tell us your thoughts.

Photo: Via Smile