12 Wine & Food Fests That Make Summer Good 'Til The Last Drop

Everything tastes better outside: lightly charred veggies on the grill; fruit arranged in a bowl made from its own rind; tiny bottles of champagne sipped though paper straws. Yes, there’s something great about getting a little tipsy outside, and all the best dining and drinking celebrations just happen to take place en plein air.
It's festival season, after all. And these swanky soirees are decidedly not the equivalent of getting plastered at your office picnic or blitzed at your neighbor’s backyard BBQ. These festive goings on are the best reason to get tipsy among the trees; they are the most ingenious use of your last few summer Fridays; and the classiest way to combine sun and alcohol to non-disastrous results. So, slap on a maxi-dress, hit the grass, and imbibe like the grown-up you are at each of these excursion-worthy events.

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