Insta-Stalking: Floss Gloss, For The Nail-Art Rebel In Us All

Photo: via @flossgloss
Nail art on Instagram is as ubiquitous as Starbucks in Manhattan — it's everywhere. So, when something shakes up the typical stream of pink hearts, chevron designs, and colorful French manicures, we immediately take notice. Which brings us to Floss Gloss — a veritable feast for the eyes regarding badass nail art. Here, fluorescents and neon colors flirt cheekily with each other, and "nail art" is actually dangling charm piercings.
If you're looking for an account to follow that doesn't rely on prim prettiness (but is equally inspiring), you'll want to add Floss Gloss to your feed. Not sold yet? We've rounded up some of the raddest snaps from its Instagram account for your viewing pleasure. Click through and gush. Note: These pics are best viewed with some Snoop Dogg playing in the background.

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