Michelle Williams Refused To Get Snapped With Jason Segel, Thoughts?

We were so (eeee!)xited about Michelle Williams and Jason Segel stepping out as a couple — and proud of them both for owning the buzz around their budding romance. Which is why it was weird to hear that Michelle refused to get photographed with Jason at the premiere of his new movie, The Five-Year Engagement . Clearly she was there to support her new beau, so why try to hide it? Of course, we understand that they'd rather not get snapped when say, playing with Michelle's daughter Matilda in BK, but now that they've already been there, posed for that, why not smile for the cams on the red carpet? Isn't that kind of the whole point? As always, its the star's prerogative, but do you think it diva-ish not to say cheese? (NY Post)
Photo: Via NY Post

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