Wanna Sweat For Your Presidential Pick? Try This L.A. Workout

Between birth control, Big Bird, and Obamacare, there are countless reasons to hit the polls come next Tuesday. And, we're not the only ones fired up about the election — Lena Dunham spilled on her first time (voting), LiLo revealed her unexpected endorsement, and Katy Perry devoted her digits and a ballot dress to the Democratic party. Celebs are quickly proving that there's more to supporting your Presidential pick than just checking off a box, which is why FITiST is getting in on the action with two workouts, curated for each candidate.
The Body By Obama package includes a Barry's Bootcamp session (pretty fitting, considering the President's nickname!), and a chance to work on those Michelle-inspired arms. As for the Romney Regimen, it involves mixed martial arts to maintain that one-two punch, and yoga to find inner peace before working on balancing the budget. And, unlike the two hopefuls, both programs have a lot in common, including a $115 price tag and one free class when you submit a photo of yourself voting on November 6. Talk about motivation!
No matter where you stand (the classes are offered in NYC, as well), it's important to exercise your right to vote ... and to straight-up exercise, so get moving!

Photo: Via FITiST