Fashion Institute Of Technology Students Do Project Runway, Their Way

We've all watched Project Runway and seen how tough it can be for contestants to create an outfit that will have Heidi Klum saying 'You're in.' But unless you're actually there, sewing, draping (and probably not sleeping), it's hard to understand what really goes on in the life of an aspiring designer. Lucky for us, The Fashion Institute of Technology did project runway their way on their new blog, The Future of Fashion. Four talented students specializing in knitwear, intimate apparel, sportswear, and special occasion are competing for a spot in FIT's final fashion show, to be live-streamed to the world on April 26th (talk about pressure). With judges like Calvin Klein and Carolina Herrera critiquing the final outfits, its no wonder these aspiring designers are sacrificing their shut-eye and stocking up on Starbucks! Follow the students' weekly blog entries for pictures and video updates on their frantic scramble to the top of the heap—including migraines, midterms, and morning commutes. So designers, make it work! We'll be watching you!