Eastside V. Westside — Who Wins L.A.’s Street Style Battle Royale?

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on May 22]
There's no doubt about it: Serious style lurks in every nook and cranny of Los Angeles. But when it comes to the cutting-edge factor, another sure bet is that the outliers downtown and at the beach bring it best. There are miles and temp differences between the two 'hoods, which means they forge contrasting fashion frontiers. And every resident on either side of the compass claims their coffee, cocktails, and art have the most clout (we never engage in these debates, eek!).
Truth be told, we love to get a taste of it all. That's why we played both fields, and spent two lovely nights at the Downtown Artwalk and Abbot Kinney First Fridays, basking in the revelry both artsy functions bring. And we didn't forget to pack our cameras, either. While both ends of the map gave great face, we're on the fence about whether the city slickers or the beach babes claim all the glory in our street scenes (Mom told us never to play favorites!). So, we're letting you in on this cool contest: Defend the honor of the ladies of your locale in the comments below. We'll let you go ahead and duke it out. But, no matter what zip code you call home, we promise you'll be satisfied and inspired by our sartorial snaps.