Finally, Donald Trump Will Run For President


Finally, a candidate we can really get behind. For 2012, consider our vote cast for dark-horse Donald Trump, who apparently is planning to announce his candidacy on the Republican ticket for president this spring, right after the breathtaking conclusion of The Apprentice (indeed, the ethical reality star may even use the season finale as a forum). While many lesser personalities would start their civil service careers as, say, Governor (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura), we would expect nothing less than a White House bid for The Donald. On Wednesday, Trump told
his "very big business," skills would work to his advantage in the polls, and voters would respect the fact that he'd have a "nice heart-to-heart talk with China." That, and his comb-over. And cue the sarcasm....our endorsement is about as serious as his run for presidential. AKA, non-existent.