Finally, A Luxury Travel-Ratings Site For Discerning Parents And Kids

We've never believed life ends the moment you welcome your first child—but if you're looking through luxury hotel and vacation options, you might start to believe otherwise. The best, most tasteful resorts, hotels, and eateries market themselves to the sleek, Gucci-clad 30-somethings in their advertising, and it often takes a lot of Internet sleuthing and a few phone calls to find out which are truly child-friendly. That's why we're happy we lucked upon Poshbrood, a new luxury vacation rating website and planner for the fashionable married-with-children set. Created by stylish, knowledgeable, worldly editors and writers (and parents), Poshbrood offers not only smart reviews of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and the like, but grades them on child-friendliness and suggests kid-appropriate options in various international destinations based on budgets and interests. Along with user-submitted reports on their peppy, fashion-obsessed blog, Poshbrood is perfect for the parent who loves to travel, but refuses to treat their child like luggage. Time to pack up the fam for an all-frills, all-luxe vay-cay! (Poshbrood)

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