This Is The Best Thing To Come Of The Fifty Shades Phenom So Far

You know when you get your hands on a really great idea, but don't fully realize it, and then all of a sudden everyone is congratulating you and you're like "Oh, yeah, I totally called this"? Well, we're guessing that very special type of elation is exactly the feeling that's buzzing around the Random House offices right now.
There's little doubt that NYC's other major publishing houses have been green with envy for a while now, but the latest news on the financial boom that is Fifty Shades of Grey will only make things worse. At the Random House company holiday party, employees — and we mean all the employees — were informed that they will be receiving a whopping $5,000 bonus! From warehouse workers to the very top of the masthead, everyone is getting the same check (and it's a big one). In this day and age, in the publishing industry, that can only be due to the Fifty Shades series, that unbeatable, interminable top of the best-seller list.
This isn't just a rumor, it's been confirmed by a company spokesperson that several thousand American employees will be receiving this bonus. The book has sold more than 35 million copies stateside, and while many have their qualms with it, you can't deny this kind of spread-the-love democracy is one of the most heartwarming corporate announcements we've heard in a long time. (Media Decoder)

Image: Courtesy of Random House.