Rad Or Bad: Hippie-Tastic Feather Extensions

Is it just us, or has there been a rash of local fashion events that not only boast free wine and cheese, but also, and perhaps oddly, on-the-spot feather hair extensions? This giant Bay-based trend, which is a considerably more committal look than donning those incredibly long feathered earrings (something that has also quizzically somehow swept the city) really have us scratching our heads. I mean, we understand the very in-vogue streak of Day-Glo color here and there, a trend that took hold of the runways over a year ago. But having striped pheasant feathers sticking out of one's head? Hmmmm...we're unsure. But perhaps it's just us. Is the S.F. craze of feather extensions totally rad or utterly bad? Hippie chic or just ugly? Let's duke it out in the comments below!

Photo: Facebook

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