What Your Favorite New York Restaurant Says About You

Our favorite restaurants are deeply personal. They represent our pasts, our palates, and our happy places; they measure our taste levels and reflect our ideas of pleasure. Unsurprisingly, certain restaurants attract certain types of people. 
I used to see Jake Gyllenhaal at all of my favorite restaurants. It convinced me that we were soul mates. This turned into a recurring dream in which Jake was my boyfriend, Maggie was my best friend, and Peter Sarsgaard was my undercover lover. Together, we all shared ribollita and black pepper pici at Locanda Vini e Olii every single night in a haze of food-orgy bliss. (Now, I see Paul Giamatti everywhere I go, so I’m not sure what to do with that.) 
Are you really what you eat? Ahead, we break down 10 popular New York restaurants (both trendy and timeless) and the types who love them.