The Actual Shoes 9 Real Fashion Editors Wore During Yesterday's Blizzard

In the words of the early-'80s symphonic-rock group Solution, "It's only just begun." Yes, we can whine, gripe, and moan about the insanely cold temperatures all we want, but let's face it, they're gonna be here for a while. Instead of getting intimidated, we've got to find a solution. That means figuring out which shoes work with our outfits — and with the gusts of wind that are nipping endlessly at our ankles.
So, we tapped our fashion and shopping team — and some top editors from favorite publications — to see what kind of shoe game everyone's sporting this week. From creative sock-and-platform combos to leather lace-ups to tried-and-true snow boots, these dressed-up feet did not disappoint. Click through for nine #ShoeSelfies to see how fashion editors stay cozy in the cold. Then, tell us in the comments below what kinds of fashion problems we can solve with real-life solutions.

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