NYC Bag Stalking: The Coolest Carryalls On The Street

UPDATE: Kick those Sunday blues by peeking through our oh-so-fabulous collection of handbags, all snapped on stylish New Yorkers. This story was originally published on April 11.
We're back to our old style-stalking tricks once again. But the spring weather isn't the only thing making this bag-stalking sesh so refreshing. In an attempt to find the perfect carryall that we'll be stuffing all season (hello weekend trips!), we're taking some inspiration from 30 snaps straight from the streets of NYC. Whether you prefer to swing yours over your shoulder, keep a tight hold on the handle, or, our recent obsession, saddle up to old-(elementary) school backpack straps, the season's coolest bags are casual-yet-sleek takes on the classic shapes we already love to tote. You know you'll be needing a good satchel (or several) to sport as you do all that sunny-weather shopping — and, if you go with styles as rad as these, please don't dodge the flash — you know it's just us, back at it once again.
Check out the 30 sweet spring bags we snapped. In this case, it's totally okay to stare.

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