The Fashion Buys With The Choicest Cost-Per-Wear Ratio

We won't sugarcoat it: Buying a luxury piece of clothing or an accessory can be a big financial blow. There's one calculus, though, that's good to keep in mind before taking the plunge, and that's the price per wear.
For the items you walk out the door in most — the cashmere sweater that's as soft as a blankie, the jeans that make your butt look bomb, or a bury-me-in-it leather jacket — the cost for every single wear can be so minute it practically pays for itself over time. At least, that's one theory to consider should you be weighing whether or not to make an investment purchase. Will you be putting it on so often that it's worthy of your hard-earned cash?
To give you an idea of products with an impressively low price per day, we asked nine fashion insiders to spill on the one item they wear the most — it's not all Céline bags and Chanel boots (although, yes, they're ahead, too). Some influencers swear by our favorite wallet-friendly brands like Zara and Levi's, making the products they love mere dollars per wear. Likewise with the big-ticket items, that number continues to plummet with each passing outfit. Click on for the figures (and justification) you've been waiting for.

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