A Fashion Instagrammer’s Guide To Taking Better Pictures

If there's one thing fashion people love, it's documenting their clothing choices — and then sharing the pictures with other people who also like to wear (and talk about) clothes. Less beloved, though, is the gap between what they think the photos will look like and how they actually turn out. Angles are awkward, colors are tinged (pre-filter application), and the focus is off. It happens to the best of us; your social media fashion game may not be quite as strong as your real-life one.
Even without access to those resources that the big shots have (like a staff to take outfit snaps, an accessories closet full of designer samples, and the time and energy to run each image through photo-editing magic), it's possible to take a better style 'gram by adopting a few iPhone hacks. Ahead, we explain how to take six quintessential fashion photos, and the tweaks to take your phone photos to the next level.

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