29 Lies Fashion Magazines Have Told You

For an industry that thrives on creativity, individuality, and self-expression, fashion sure has a lot of restrictions. More often than not, having "style" is about knowing what you can and cannot wear for your figure, your age, and your social circles. And for however dusty those fashion "dos" and "don’ts" are in glossy magazines — these so-called "truths" somehow still manage to infect our minds when we're getting dressed in the morning. You really thought you could get away with that? Stripes make you look wide — did you forget?
But if what's going on in fashion these days is any indication, people are starting to wake up, and break out: Labels like Hood by Air and Gucci have changed the rules about what constitutes men's and women's clothing on their catwalks, and models like Tess Holliday are redefining what it means to be conventionally attractive, as well as a fashion icon. There are 23-year-old entrepreneurs changing the way we dress, and ignoring all the rules about who gets to "make it." On a much smaller scale, the fashion magazine maxims that you used to look toward to for guidance are more confidence-depleting than they are invigorating. If your outfits don't make you excited to go out into the world and have a really kick-ass day (much less live a full, satisfying life), then it's time to let those old ideas go.
Want to knock a few of them out of your mind? Join us, as we take down 29 of the most outdated lies the fashion industry has ever told you.
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