Watch: J.Biebs And T.Swift Wanna Hang Out With You On FNO

They'll be there, you'll be there. They'll bring their friends, you can bring your friends, and you can "all hang out." At least that's what Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are saying about this year's Fashion's Night Out. The pair star in 2012's commercial, peddling the latest FNO gear, which benefits AIDS efforts in NYC — as well as giving the economy a mini-boost by prompting everyone to get out and soak up stores' extended hours and (sometimes) discounted merch. Justin's also particularly excited about meeting models (sorry, Selena!), though we're you're likely most excited about meeting him. And, even if your hanging out time with the Biebs may be more screaming Tiger Beat readers and too-cool-for-school editors (secretly taking iPhone snaps) than one-on-one time, at least a girl can dream, right? We haven't seen Gomez on Instagram in a minute. Watch the cute vid below and plan your sked for September 6, like, now! (Fashionista)
Video: Via Fashionista

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