What Would It Take For You To Wear A Fanny Pack?

They go by many names: waist purse, chaos pouch, hip sack, bum bag. But, no matter what you call ‘em, fanny packs generally conjure only one image: befuddled, unhip tourists more concerned with hitting every destination on their giant paper maps than crafting a forward ensemble. Surely, such an item has no place in our wardrobes, right?
We’re not so sure anymore. In an era when Normcore clothing and socks with sandals have weaseled their way into our sartorial repertoire, fanny packs suddenly feel…not so wrong. They might even seem kind of right. And, our favorite retailers seem to agree, because we’ve been noticing upgraded iterations of the formerly frumpy staple on virtual shelves left and right. If you feel like joining the pack and going traveler-chic, click ahead to shop our picks. Just don't forget to swing by the comments to let us know if you’re a fan(ny).

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