Trying $133 Worth Of False Eyelashes Was The Best (& Worst) Of Times

False eyelashes and I have some serious history. I was first introduced to lash strips when I started competing in beauty pageants at the age of 16. For the next seven years, it became second nature for me to put on lashes at any time of the day, whether for an early appearance at a charity event or before hitting the stage for a competition. But once I retired, my lash-wearing days were behind me — or so I thought.
With dramatic lashes at the center of attention in 2018 — Pinterest labeled lashes one of the biggest beauty trends of the year — I became intrigued to give falsies another run. I had a hunch that I'd feel different about false eyelashes now that my life is dramatically different from my pageant days. Instead of jetting to runway lessons after work, I'm heading to beauty events or racing home to catch up on the latest episode of Power. Would lashes become a regular part of my routine now that my speed is more corporate, less pageant?
Before I could commit to adding lashes to my makeup routine permanently, I embarked on a hardcore trial. I wore lashes consecutively for several days, including regular days at work and concerts. I looked into the best-selling, celebrity-favorite, and even magnetic options and prepared myself mentally for allll the lash drama. Follow my journey, ahead.

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