The Anti-Dress-For-Your-Body-Type Guide

The cues are far from subtle. Be it magazines, store windows, or, ahem, certain frequently visited women’s lifestyle sites, we’ve all gotten the memo that fall’s the season when your lewk warrants an update. Yes, it’s partially due to the introduction of jackets and layers to replace swimsuits and summer silhouettes that hardly touch your body. But we see it as more of an opportunity. Fall is a chance to reflect and dial up your daring attitude; to fully embrace and refine a style that’s more exciting because it’s more you. And no body is excluded.
With that in mind, we’re breaking down some of this season's coolest silhouettes that we believe any woman can welcome into her closet. And in partnership with Lane Bryant's #plusisequal campaign, which breaks down the divide between plus- and straight-size fashion, we're not limiting style by dress sizes or curves. Instead we've matched each model with designs that go against the old dressing-for-your-body-type tropes — ones that only equate "flattering" with looking thinner — and put them in pieces that embrace the body they have.
Deliberately eschewing traditional tips and committing to a Yes, you can wear that attitude, the photos ahead offer a totally liberating take on the what the annual fashion refresh is all about.

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