Say Goodbye To These Plus-Size Rules

There's been this thing that's somehow still embedded in most of our consciousnesses where we still believe that clothing should be seen as camouflage, to use fabric to hide our supposed “flaws.” But, real talk: The only flaw that needs to be fixed is the antiquated notion that your body is a problem that needs to be solved.
Plus-size women have experienced these style constraints even more than those who wear smaller sizes, having to endure not only ridiculous restrictions dictated by the fashion elite but also the total lack of options to even wear if they wanted to break those “rules.” Although there are still some who think they can hand out clothing edicts (we’re looking at you, O, The Oprah Magazine), thankfully, the majority of the fashion media and clothing brands have woken up and smelled the pumpkin spice latte.
We know there are some reading this who still think, “Oh, no, I could never pull that off.” We’re here to tell you that you can. For every antiquated fashion don’t you've read about, there’s a style blogger showing you how it can be a total do. Check out how the following rule-breakers rock these sartorial taboos and then join the fashion revolution!
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