How To Dress For Fall When It Absolutely Still Feels Like Summer

It's time we admitted that the calendar year is built of just two seasons: winter and summer. In between, you've got something like an epilogue to summer and another thing that's like winter's footnote. We've titled them "fall" and "spring," but they don't seem to amount to much. In fact, their primary signifier may simply be the fact that it often feels impossible to dress for the weather.
We're talking shorts with sweaters! Sandals with wool pants! Coats with sundresses! It's seasonal chaos. But thankfully, this year, we've got a solution (other than "layers!"): Banana Republic's new summer-meets-whatever-comes-next line, designed specifically to keep you looking good as hell, even when you literally do not know what season it is.
Ahead, take a look at our favorite looks from the collection, for when you're feeling...seasonally confused.

Supper-Club Chic

Among the only pleasant aspects of the transition from summer to winter is the introduction of the gourd palette: mustard yellows, deep oranges, and delicate browns. You know, squash colors. Pair a classic wide-leg jean with a tailored leopard jacket and a mustard button-up, and rock this look all the way into Thanksgiving.

Business Casual (With A Twist)

On days when you know you'll be heading directly from the office to the disco (or vice versa), you'll need a look that's professional, party-ready, and still warm enough to withstand a long night out. This vegan suede biker jacket has business-casual-meets-disco written all over it — especially once you add in a zebra maxi and classic white booties.

Business Casual 2.0

It's not required that the modern career woman be ferocious per se — but we think this sleek leopard midi-dress paired with slouchy tall boots offers the perfect combination of wild and work-appropriate. It can skew either professional or untamed — but either way, it has "per my last email" written all over it.

Low-Key Highbrow

Unlike the dead of winter, the transition period between summer and fall is still all about daytime activities. This breezy dress can be as casual — or as elevated — as you'd like it to be, no matter what your day entails. Whether you're hitting a picnic, an engagement party, a dinner date, or all three, it's got you covered.

Night Whites

The whole "monochrome white" aesthetic stole the hearts of fashion girls far and wide this summer, but how can you repurpose the look for the in-between months? Try leaning into shades of nude to add some texture to your all-white palette. We suggest a knit sweater tucked into a miniskirt, with an edgy (snakeskin) boot to give the whole thing a little personality.

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