What Real Women Want To Shop For Fall

You don't have to be Grace Coddington to achieve great style — we're reminded of that every day. Just walk outside and you'll spot all sorts of women sporting killer bags, shoes, and jackets. (Or, you know, just take a look in the mirror.) Yet, while it's fun to admire their style from afar, we figured: Why not get a closer look at what other folks are hoping to shop for fall right now?
We chatted with 15 ladies from all walks of life — real-estate executives, social-media experts, start-up gurus, and even a favorite fashion personality, among others — to get the lowdown on their personal style, including favorite brands, biggest sartorial weaknesses, and, most importantly, the dream product topping their fall wish list. Yes, some of the items ahead are on the pricier side — that's why it's called a wish list — but we all want to spoil ourselves every once in a while, right?