The Best Mascara For Your Lash Type

Here's a scenario you may be familiar with: A friend, favorite blogger, or makeup artist raves on and on about his or her holy-grail mascara, a product they'd wrestle a bear over if it were the last tube on Earth. You're sold.
You hustle with the ferocity of Venus and Serena combined to the nearest retailer, throw your money at the cashier, and, in great anticipation, finagle the product out of its packaging. A couple swipes later, your face sinks with disappointment. You've just wasted money, again, on a product you may try to force yourself to like, but will never quite be content with. It's not the product's fault, and your friend wasn't lying. It's just that not all lashes are the same and, as such, some mascaras work better or worse depending on lash type. Yes, there's such a thing as lash type.
“It’s really difficult to put a mascara recommendation out there and say, ‘This mascara will work for everyone,’ because that’s simply not the case,” explains makeup expert Huda Kattan. “The right mascara with the right lash is going to create beautiful results. However, somebody else can use [the same product] with a different type of lash and have really awful results.”
In short, you should become intimately acquainted with your own lashes before spending money on lash products. Factors to consider include the mascara’s formula, its intended effects, and even the color. Ahead, we break it down.

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