Eye Candy Alert: Keds and the Whitney Invades Bloomies

It used to be that window shopping was our go-to solution when we were a little strapped for cash (we may have spent hours peepin' Alex Wang's Diego bag!). But now, it looks as though our new fave partners in crime, Keds and the Whitney Museum, have teamed up to take our money-saving method to the next level. They've installed interactive touchscreen customization centers, where you can design your own Keds right on the spot! And, as of yesterday, they're celebrating their collaboration with amazing artists like Jenny Holzer, by turning Bloomingdales' windows into studios for 3 MFA artists, Jee Young Choi, Natalia Yovane, and Erica Greenwald, who will be creating art all day long. So check 'em out—we have faith that your self restraint is stronger than ours.
Live art at Bloomingdales, July 8 - 21, 10:30a.m.-2p.m., and 4:30p.m.-8p.m.,1000 Lexington Avenue (at 59th Street), 212-705-2000

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