Exposed! Add Edge To The Everyday With Tough-Girl Zipper Jewelry

Since they burst onto the scene in 1914, zippers have become so much more than merely practical garment fasteners. Exposed, exaggerated, and strategically placed on everything from leather jackets to leggings, the little device practically exudes sex appeal and edginess. So it only makes sense that with the tough girl vibe on tap for fall, zipper jewelry is the latest addition to our growing collection of coveted hard-edge accessories. Whether dangling from the ears or elaborately spun to form a statement piece, believe us: Zippers as jewelry are anything but utilitarian.
Above, from left: Kate Cusack Zipper Necklace, from $400, to order, go to; Tom Binns Zipper Earrings, available this fall, for info, go to; Kate Cusack Zipper Band Cuff, $150, available at Etsy; Cynics Zip-It Necklace, about $46, available at Oye Modern; Disaya Zip Zip Bangle, $226, available at Forward by Revolve.
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