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Cold brew rose to fame throughout the 2010s with devotees swearing by apparent ability to deliver morning jitters-levels of caffeine minus any extra acidity. So it was much to our surprise to learn its caffeine level often falls below that of regular drip coffee. Brewing methods and times vary, leaving the average drinker totally in the dark about what they might be getting from their cold brew. Whether you believe in the brew's buzz or hate the hype, one thing is for sure: it's damn hard to figure out how much caffeine is in your cup. One coffee subscription service, Explorer, decided to change that with its award-winning and totally customizable bottles of cold brew. Oh, and we scored you 50% off any subscription service first order on-site with our exclusive promo code, REFINERY50.

So how does it work? Let's just say, if Cater To You by Destiny's Child was a drink, it would be a bottle of Explorer Cold Brew Concentrate. Each concentrate comes with four caffeine options: none (0 - 2 milligrams), low (50 milligrams), regular (100 milligrams), and extra (150 milligrams). You can also add on flavor elixirs like peppermint or vanilla to further customize your cold brew. How no one else put this into production years ago is beyond us, but we're happy to report fully customizable caffeine has officially hit the market. Below, let us guide you through this fully caffeinated choose your own adventure experience.

What makes Explorer's cold brew different?

Founder Cason Crane prides himself on his business' decaffeination process. For No and Low Caf, the brand uses the all-natural, non-chemical Swiss Water Method that, in simple terms, washes away unwanted caffeine from Explorer's Ethiopian and Peruvian beans — all via good ol' fashion H2O. After it's finished, you’re left with a full-bodied, low-caffeine brew concentrate that beats out the rest when mixed with water or milk. For Extra Caf Cold Brews, Explorer extracts all-natural caffeine from green coffee beans and adds it back into the brewing process for that extra oomph.

Explorer sells the cold brew concentrates in 16 and 32 ounces, which make 10 and 20 glasses of cold brew respectively. You can also purchase sampler packs and travel packs that include on-the-go friendly 2-ounce bottles that make one glass each. You can also set up a subscription for biweekly, monthly, or even bi-monthly delivery and save on each purchase.

Which caffeine level is right for you?

Let's start with some reference points. Explorer's coffee ranges from 0 milligrams to 150 milligrams of caffeine Your average cup of green tea checks in at 25 milligrams while one Diet Coke lands a tad bit below the 50-milligram mark and is comparable to Explorer's Low Caf dosage. If green tea and soft drinks don't give you a buzz, consider the caffeine in a single can of Red Bull, aka 76 milligrams of caffeine, or close to the regular caffeine level found in a cup of coffee. And lastly, one can of Monster Energy is the perfect opponent to Explorer's Extra Caf at a whopping 145 milligrams.

According to Caffeine Informer, a healthy adult may consume up to 300 to 400 milligrams a day without major consequences, which means even two glasses of the highest caffeine level a day is still safe, but not all of us need it. If your body is sensitive to some daily java consumption but you miss the pick-me-up, the organic Low Caf cold brew concentrate is calling your name. Got a stomach of steel and a hankering for energy boosts? Say hello to the Extra Caf. No matter which caffeine level you pick, you can also opt to add an elixir flavor sub

Where do I buy Explorer Cold Brew?

Explorer's site is the place to be for bi-weekly cold brew subscriptions as well as flavor enhancers, stylish merch, equipment, and even some seasonal coffee recipes. Head over now for some killer custom cold brew with 50% off your first subscription order with our exclusive code REFINERY50 and commence on your coffee journey.
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