This Celeb Dishes On Her Favorite Drugstore Beauty Picks

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Last week, I sat down with my friend (and client!), actress Eva Amurri, who's starred on everything from How I Met Your Mother to New Girl and The Mindy Project. We talked about everything from how she keeps her skin glowing with a hectic life to the best beauty advice her mom — Susan Sarandon, maybe you've heard of her? — ever gave her.

Describe your general beauty routine. Do you have any advice on keeping skin beautiful?
"I like to keep it simple, especially because I travel often and don’t like to interrupt my routine or have to pack too much. In general, I love products without lots of chemicals or additives. I also love making my own face masks at home with raw, local honey and a few drops of lavender essential oil. The oil and raw honey are both antimicrobial and soothing, but the honey adds a softness, too. I find that drinking vegetable juice gives my skin a nice glow as well."


What three beauty products are must-haves for you?

"Since getting pregnant, I’m pretty tired — and I look it! Your Vitamin C Eye Brightener helps brighten and depuff under my eyes, and I use your Radiance Mask on my baby bump to fight off stretch marks and help improve elasticity. I also use Shu Uemura's Satin Design Polishing Milk religiously. I use heat to style my hair often, but adding some of this near my ends before I blow dry helps my color-treated hair stay strong and soft."

What’s your favorite beauty treatment to indulge in?

"I love deep tissue massages. I think they’re relaxing for the body and mind, and I always think a woman absolutely glows after a good massage."

How has your beauty routine changed now that you are pregnant?

"I am even more vigilant now about what's going in and on my body. That said, I try not to be crazy about it — sometimes a pimple pops up and you need that extra-powered zit cream to tackle it! I'm also super-strict about moisturizing my bump; I'm seven months in and I don't have any stretch marks yet, so hopefully it’s working!"

With a busy schedule, what’s your favorite way to get time for yourself?

"I love reading with a cup of tea on the deck outside my bedroom, watching a movie, or taking a warm bath with Epsom salts. With a baby on the way, it's important to me to take advantage of the last of my quiet time before the world as I know it changes forever!"


What’s the best beauty advice your mom ever gave you?
"Wear sunscreen! I listen more now than I did in my early twenties, and I will definitely be imparting the same wisdom to my daughter."

What are your favorite drugstore beauty picks?

"I like Neutrogena's oil-free sunscreen, everything from Alba Organics, Epsom salts, Eos lip balm, and L'Oréal's Power Volume Mascara."

Tell me about your most recent project.
"I guest-starred on the first season of NBC's Undateable, which airs at 9 p.m. on Thursdays with back-to-back episodes. I started out doing one or two episodes as Chris D'Elia's love interest, and then they couldn't get me to leave, so I finished out the season! It's a great group and a terrific show — all the guys are stand up comedians — so it's really fun to watch!

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