Master Etsy Shopping With These 5 Hacks

If you haven’t caught the Etsy bug yet, there's still plenty of time. These days, it’s not just the craft-crazed and vintage-obsessed who rave about the jack-of-all trades e-commerce site. Even those in the finance world love Etsy, as evidenced by the recent success of their IPO.
Even if you’re not a newbie to the site, the sheer amount of product on Etsy can sometimes be overwhelming to even the most seasoned shopping veterans. At first, it may seem like the perfect pair of handmade throw pillows for your new couch are just a click away or that a five-minute search will result in a unique baby shower gift your BFF will love. That is, of course, until you look up and realize you completely forgot about lunch and that work deadline — and are no closer to making a purchase in spite of having viewed a zillion adorable items. To put it mildly, shopping on the site can be a bit of a maze .
But, learn a trick or two, and you'll be making purchases faster than ever. Go ahead and check out these shops for a shortcut to Etsy’s most adorable spring buys. And, once you've done that, try the tips we’ve laid out ahead and soon you’ll be curating your very own "Best of Etsy" lists.

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