This Hack Will Make Your Nail Polish Brighter

Rainbow Brite nail polishes are as ubiquitous in the summer as bikinis and rosé. Coral, cyan, fuchsia — these are the hot-ticket shades in almost every brand's hot-weather collection. So, you may be surprised by the latest color to join the ranks of the brights: pure white.

At the end of the month, you'll be able to get your hands on Essie's new neon collection, which consists of all Day-Glo shades — save for a white basecoat that promises to make whatever color you paint over it bright enough to require sunnies. (Almost.)

The fact that white brightens isn't exactly groundbreaking information for any seasoned nail pro or art-school graduate. What sets Essie's Prime & Pop apart is the formulation. It's a primer and basecoat in one, and you can see the difference when you apply it — this isn't your typical thick, chalky white (in fact, it's got a slightly pearlescent sheen that's actually really pretty on its own). Also, because it can serve as your basecoat and your first coat of polish if you only use one coat of the bright you pick next, it cuts down on drying time and keeps your nail beds from looking thick (yep, we're still having nightmares about bubble nails).

So the next time your look is in need of a jolt of energy, reach for this primer-and-polish duo and get ready for a Pop Art manicure that would make Warhol proud.

Essie Prime & Pop Nail Lacquer, $9, available later this month at Essie.

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