Mani/Pedi Enthusiasts, Behold Your New NYC Mecca

Nothing makes a color pop quite like the white backdrop –– any painter will tell you that –– but Essie's Upper East flagship brings new meaning to the rule! Under the careful eye of celeb-salon decorator Peter Millard, an extra-mod, eye-popping look came together. The space features white lacquered walls and leather loveseats dyed in Essie's most iconic shades. We'll put it this way: What's better for the "Angora Cardi" die-hard than a pedi-induced cat-nap in a chair upholstered in the same shade?
Don't get us wrong –– we know the perils of parlor relocation, and we definitely know that salon favoritism has serious staying-power when the perks are on point. So, why ditch that elusive $8 mani? Or the salon that always has crispy new Vogues? Well lacquered-loyalists, you might be surprised to know that you have a sister among you in Essie Weingarten herself. She actually picked the place she's been going to for 20 years as the exact site for the launch! So, if you're wary about a move, consider this ridiculously expert rec! (Vogue)
Essie Flagship Salon at Samuel Shriqui; 35 East 65th street (between Park and Madison avenues); 212-472-6805.
Photo: Via Vogue