Can Amazing Style Also Be Really Messy? (Yes, It Can)

Photo: Courtesy of Tales of Endearment.
Erin Wasson may be one of the most recognizable faces in the modeling world and associated with all things luxury, but it’s always been her “Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn” approach to style that’s intrigued us the most. She’s got that rolled-out-of-bed, makeup-free beauty for which we often praise French women, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this Southern-born babe prefers Paris, TX to the City of Love. With a close look inside Wasson’s Venice Beach digs, we have further proof that cool style is not only easy, eclectic, and unpredictable, sometimes it’s straight-up messy, too.

Photo: Courtesy of Tales of Endearment.
In “Little Moments of Fuck You” — an appropriately named homage to Wasson’s irreverent attitude toward style — Tales of Endearment's Natalie Joos not only walks us through the vintage shops Wasson swears by, but also her charmingly haphazard front yard. There are blankets thrown about, antlers piled on a picnic table, greenery everywhere except on the ground where crunchy leaves are scattered. Perhaps it's not what you'd imagine for a supermodel who's buddy-buddy with Lagerfeld and Alexander Wang, but for Erin, it's perfect. Especially when it comes to her evolution of style.

“I would throw crazy shit on with each other that didn’t match but somehow worked," she tells Joos of her younger self, adding "I’m just more lazy. Or maybe I’m just closer to my real self and don’t want to waver too much.”  We assume she's referring to the uniform of jeans and a T-shirt that we see her wearing quite often. But, that's not to say this model doesn't like mixing up her outfits as much as she does her lawn adornments. Click over to see both the wildly mismatched and effortlessly rad looks that prove that the recipe for amazing style has little to do with perfection.

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